About Us

Why Buy?


Today life is hard and every single cent is counted especially in Commercial Buildings

Why not rent?


So we have a solution for our local commercial customers, why not rent the art work from us? Each contract period is for a year, at the end of the year you have the option to buy the painting for a small balance or you can exchange it for different art work and continue to pay a monthly rental fee for the art work. 

See our prices.


Ask for a price list?  Each art work has a price in BD.

Each rental agreement is for a 12 months period. At the end if you wish to pay off the balance of the painting then its yours, if you wish to continue with the same rental amount you can do so, for another year and you have the option to exchange for another art work. 


Payments we accept are VIVA Cash, Paypal, Bank transfer,  future will be B Wallet.