3D Acrylic Abstract Art, simplified, just modern art.

Made by using gravity to move the paint from one place of the canvas to another.  Modern art, needs to be provocative.

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Born in London to A British mother and an Austrian Father.  

Educated in Somerset and then furthered his education in Florida.  With a Major in Commercial art. Before joining the family business in the 1992. 

The business was a Master distributor for Electron Tubes. Still today we have some stock of electron Tubes. 

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There is such a huge splash of color in all paintings by this artist. The art speaks to one.

What we know so far

Each of the Abstract 3d Acrylic, modern art pieces comes with an authenticity certificate. each art work by Artist Nicolas Botez, has the authenticity certificate signed by the artist himself.

The layering of liquid art, over laying and mixing the color combinations, only by using gravity.

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The Abstract art, is modern provocative, its new, Abstract 3d Acrylic, is a new way to make art, by the Artist Nicolas Botez, be different. Be open mined, be you. Get a modern art today.  

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